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Students unrest in SIET, asked to vacate hostels

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 00:14:00
SIET has placed notice and forced students to vacate hostels failing disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved in indiscipline activities.
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Dhenkanal, September 10(Odisha.in) The authorities of Synergy Institute of Engineering and Technology (SIET), an ISO 9000-2001 certified technical institute established in Dhenkanal district on Monday asked its students to vacate all hostels within 24 hours till further order and restoration of normalcy.

This decision was however taken by the SIET following continuous demands of students for quality teaching, posting of experienced teachers, permission for study tours, proper evaluation of papers and to stop illegal collection of campus fees.

SIET has placed notice and forced students to vacate hostels failing disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved in indiscipline activities.

Students have expressed resentment against SIET's sudden order to vacate hostel. The students demanded that they raised genuine demands as it was their right.

"We have duly paid our fees. But still they are demanding more," a student alleged besides claiming that the SIET has motivated outside engineering aspirants through colourful advertisement and cheated them.

The students also alleged that SIET chairman didn't respond their grievances which were made in the interest of academic activities that are need of the hour.

"Is it not democratic to demand for modification of syllabus andm improvement in teaching procedures? Improvement of quality teaching and posting of professors are essential to meet challenges ofcompetitive job market," a fourth year student informed media persons.

They continued to boycott classes for consecutive fifth day on Monday as their memorandum had no positive response from Principal and SIET Chairman.

When contacted, SIET Principal A Sarangi told odisha.in that he has asked students of Orissa to vacate the hostels and not the outside students till further order. Whatever he has done is within knowledge of SIET Chairman who has directed him to do.

About teaching quality and posting of teachers Sarangi told that students' demands are genuine and SIET chairman can look after this. He added that he has apprised the Chairman about plight of students on studies.

Meanwhile, the students have threatened to take to streets against the Chairman if their demands are not met soon. Despite several attempts the Chairman was however not available for any comment


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