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High Police official's sexual escapade caught red-handed by wife.

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 17:44:00
The officer, was allegedly having sexual escapade with a lady named Sujata when wife of the senior IPS reached the Circuit House at about 11 in the night and knocked the door.
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Cuttack, Dec 10 ( Odisha.in ) An officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police was caught red-handed by his wife in the late night of Sunday, inside a room in the Cuttack Circuit House.

The officer, was allegedly having sexual escapade with a lady named Sujata when wife of the senior IPS reached the Circuit House at about 11 in the night and knocked the door.

Since the officer did not open the door, she forcefully opened it and barged into the room to find that both the lady and the officer were in compromising position. Sets of golden ornaments, costly sarees and other gifts were placed on the table of the room, which were apparently gifted to the woman.

Talking to Odisha.in the IPS officer's wife said that she was getting reports about his involvement with different ladies on whom he was spending huge amount of money neglecting wife and children. He was taking those ladies with them while going on tour.

The officer who has two daughters and an educated wife was physically and mentally torturing them since past few years. Though many high officials in the Orissa police were aware about such affairs, they were keeping quiet, which allegedly encouraged the officer.

On several occasions when she had raised voice of protest against such immoral activities of the officer, he had allegedly threatened to kill her. “I am in police and I know how to murder a person and convert to a case of suicide. I have a number of hardened criminals with me who can murder you at the twinkle of an eye", he was threatening, disclosed the sobbing wife.

She said, on Sunday night she had definite information about the presence of the lady inside her husband's room of in the Circuit House.

Though his place of posting was Cuttack and he was allotted with a big Government quarter, he was retaining a room in the Circuit House in order to carry on such heinous activities. "

 I was left with no alternative than to rush to the spot and catch them red-handed to put an end to such sexual escapades of my husband and to save myself and my teen aged daughters from physical and mental torture. When I found both of them closeted inside the room, I shouted and thrashed both of them to my heart's content," she said. Some employees of the Circuit House were eye-witnesses to the incident.

After such incident she rushed to the official residence of a higher police official. But he was not there. His wife was there. The lady narrated the entire episode before the wife of the police boss, who assured her justice from her husband and the department and arranged to send her back to her quarters in a car.

“Now I am panicked and my daughters too. He has threatened to bring Sujata to our house and live with her as man and wife and to drive us away", she said sobbingly.

If her version is to be believed, then one would definitely ask himself, “when the wife  and daughters of a high ranking police officer are not safe in the hands of the officer, what type of protection and justice can one expect from Orissa police ? "

It is yet to be seen what action D.G.P. Gopal Nanda and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik are going to initiate against the erring official to keep up the ' clean image ' of the administration and also to provide protection to the harassed wife and daughters of the  concerned police official .


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