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Orissa's wonder Balasore

Fri, 03 Aug 2007 19:08:00
Balasore district has contributed immensely to the State culture, tourism, literature, architecture, heritage, natural wonders andreligious monuments apart, the flora and fauna have always attractedtourists even from abroad since time immemorial
Hemanta Kumar Rout
Morning at Chandipur beach

Balasore district has contributed immensely to the State culture,tourism, literature, architecture, heritage, natural wonders andreligious monuments apart, the flora and fauna have always attractedtourists even from abroad since time immemorial.

This is one of the most important districts of Orissa which findsplace not only in the National map but also in International map forits history, geographical situation, culture, marine development andfor important defence institutions like Integrated Test Range (ITR)and Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE).

The coastal district on the north eastern sea board has destination ofhaving been called the "Granary of Orissa" with stretches of greenpaddy fields, a network of rivers blue hills, extensive meadows andextraordinary breach.

The district attained its name from the LordBeleshwar, who as per the legends is worshipped as God of thedistrict. The archaeological remains in the district are unique. They reflect acombination of ancient past and vibrant present, a land of all seasonsand destination for all reasons.

The district in fact offers acomplete package to satisfy anyone's wanderlust. With unique templesand scenic spots tucked in nature's lap, wildlife, ideal treks, quaintlittle hilly picnic spots, ruined monuments it is an ideal destinationfor all wants to make a visit. Balasore district has 19 tourist spots.

 CHANDIPUR: The calm beach at Chandipur is surely one among many of thefine beaches of the country, but with a plus there the waters of theSea recede and precedes five Kms every day. Off shore and proceedrhythmically after a regular interval. The sand-dunes green with wildcreepers and the casuarinas whistling with the breeze create afantastic moment for a visitor absorbed in observing the play of thetide.

KHIRACHORA GOPINATH: Famous Khirachora Gopinath temple has been a seatof Vaishnawite Culture for centuries. Madhabendra Puri the teacher ofShri Chaitanya and Shri Chaitanya himself visited Remuna and offeredtheir worship to Khirochora Gopinath.

Today hundreds of devoteesgather daily for the sacred Darshan of the Lord. Specially preparedmilk is the most delicious prasad of the temple. Remuna is consideredas a chunk of Vrindaban in Orissa.

PANCHALIGESWAR: Ensconced in the verdant of Swarnachuda hill withpanoramic views around Panchaligeswar is a place of scenic beauty,sanctified by five Shiva lingams over which runs a perennial stream.

Popular as a Shiva shrine, one can lie flat on the rock parallel tothe stream to touch and worship the lingams, which is itself asexciting as adventurous. It is located nearly 25 km from Balasoretown. With so many natural streams and beautiful hills, it has becomean ideal destination for picnickers.

SAJANAGARH: Sajanagarh is a place which as serving as a military baseduring the period of ex-rulers of Nilagiri state. The main attractionof the place is the temple of goddess "Budarchandi".

On the walls ofboth temple and boundary beautiful stone works have been madeelegantly of different gods and goddess. AYODHYA: Ayodhya where assimilation of Jainism, Budhism, Baishnavism,Tantraism Saivism, Sakthism took place. The place was flourished onceupon a time as a town and it was the Capital of a king.

A large numberof images (remains) have been unearthed from the site. Among themBudha, Jains, Pareshnath, Shiva, Ganesh, Natraj, Bhairabi, Maricha,Baraha, Tara are famous. Goddess Marichi is the most attractive.

 LANGALESWAR: The place is famous for its location and mythology whereLord Shiva used to plough the paddy field. In memory of the sameplough is there and hundreds of pilgrims use to gather there toworship the Lord Langaleswar who has been named after that plough.

Langaleswar is famous for Saivasim. The location of the temple by theside of river parvati too creates a scenic beauty and makes anotherattraction of the place.

KASHAPHAL: Kashaphal beach is an ideal fishing harbour. It has a scopefor boating on river Dubdubi and Panchupali. The solitary beach ofKashaphal is an ideal spot for picnic. The calm and quite ruralatmosphere and whistling casuarinas will definitely attract the natureloving tourist.

 LAXMANNATH: It is situated at a distance of 50 Kms from Balasore. Theold palace, the gada of Raymahasay of Laxmannath is the mainattraction. The temples of Shyamakali, Jagannath, Dwadasha Shiva areworth seeing.

RAIBANIA: Raibania is known for its group of forts in reign.

Raibaniahad historic importance and finds mention in the book Ain-I-Akbari.The fort having a number of tanks, which was once the place for royalpeople is now a plain field littered with archeological rains.

TheJaychandiban or the lovely forest of Jaychandi is now used as picnicspot.

CHANDANESWAR & TALSARI: The holy shrine of Lord Chandaneswar is areligious centre not only for the people of Balasore District but alsoplaces adjacent West Bengal. It is a unique sight to see the devoteesflock together in hundreds everyday and in thousands on festiveoccasion like Chadak mela for Darshan of the Lord which falls in Aprilevery year.

BHUSANDESWAR: The place is situated at a distance of 100 Kms fromBalasore district headquarters.The place is famous for Lord Shiva.This Shiva Lingam is the largest in Asia. The priest who worship LordShiva uses ladder to poor water, milk etc on the top of the LordBhushandeswar.This is also a unique.

CHASAKHAND: Here is the memorial of freedom fighter Baghajatin. Thehistoric place is situated at a distance of 10 Kms from Balasore. Nowa days the place has become a place for tourists as many people arecoming to witness the heroic death place of Late Jatindranath and takea look of the beautiful park named after him.

MANINAGESWAR: The temple of Maninageswar at Bardhanpur is an ancientone. Perhaps the temple was built in the year 1600 A.D. Mythology saysthat Pandav at the time of their "Agyantabas" used to take bath atPandav ghat in the Bay of Bengal very close to Bardhanpur.

Aftertaking bath they used to have a Darsan of Maninageswar Shiva. At thetime of visiting the spot, one can enjoy the beauty of sea beach whichis only 2 Kms from the spot.

 CHAWMUKH & DAGARA: Chawmukh and Dagara, the two coastal villages inBaliapal block of Balasore district are orescent with invitingbeaches. The calm and serene atmosphere, long trashes of silverysands, whistling casuarinas and red crabs are some of the attractionsof these lovely beaches.

Fishing by small boats with the local fisherflock is very interesting. The beaches agog with the presence ofpicnickers on New Year's Day and X-mass days every year.

TIPISAGADIA: It is situated Khaira block at distance of 48 Kms fromBalasore. Lord Bakreswar Shiva is the presiding diety. The temple isvery old one and located in a place surrounded by river Kansabansa inall four sides.

KUPARI: Kupari is about 67 Kms from Balasore via: Soro and 30 Kms fromBhadrak via: Agarpada in Khaira block. Sunyamandap and Ambika templeare two separate pilgrim spot situated in two opposite side of Kupari– Agarpada Road. At Kupari some ruins of Budhist Culture are stillfound.

INCHUDI: It is situated at a distance of 22 Kms from Balasore. Theplace is famous for Labana Satyagraha held in 1930 under theleadership of Sardar Surendranath Das, Binod Kanungo, JeebramjeeKothari, Rama Devi and Dr HK Mahatab. One can see the Smrutisthambhaas a mark of sacrifice of the then freedom fighters.

DINAMARDINGA AND FARASIDINGA: Balasore the Head Quarters of thedistrict was an important maritime town in mediaeval times through theriver Budhabalanga. Some portions of the town were occupied by theFrench and the Dutch which were named as "Farasidinga" and   "Dinmardinga". The ruins of the foreign possessions still exist.

There are other temples too which attracts people not just for worshipbut also because they serve as venues for marriages and other sacredfunctions. They include Balasore Laxmi Narayan temple, Jhadeswartemple, Rameswar temple, Khirachora temple, Nilagiri Jagannath templeand Banthia Jagannath temple at Motiganj, Dudarchandi Mangla temple,Nimakali temple, Bahanaga Laxmi Narayan temple and Ram Mandir atGopalpur.

In addition, the famous Baulagadia village and artisans from Soro areasupply stone sculptures to different countries like USA, UnitedKingdom, Russia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The brass work of Remuna isalso popular within and outside the country. Yet, there are manypotential spots which remain unexplored, opine tourism experts.

In fact, the costal district having a series of beautiful hills in thewestern side has the potential for eco-tourism, adventure, wild-lifetourism and adequate scope for development of religious tourism.

Active cooperation and coordination among district authorities andpolitical leaders are required to enhance tourism in the district. Absence of any on-the-spot tourist facility on these beaches is abottleneck to popularity.

Also to accommodate Panthasalas and morewayside amenities centres should be opened with transport facilitiesto encourage tourist inflow. Eight photos are attached along with the story.


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