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Budhia's long journey from Salia Sahi to Sports Hostel

Fri, 21 Sep 2007 20:52:00
On Friday , 21st September Budhia was admitted into Bhuabneswar Sports Hostel, located inside Kalinga stadium with the State Sports Department taking responsibility of his accommodation, study and training.
A Correspondent
Budhia in sports hostel
Bhubaneswar, September 21 (Odisha.in) World's youngest marathon boy  Budhia Singh who had made his way into Limca Book of Records by covering  65 kms from Jagannath temple Puri to Bhubaneswar in 6 hours 30 minutes  on 1st May 2006 has finally landed in Bhubaneswar Sports Hostel putting an end to the speculations about his future.

On Friday , 21st September Budhia was admitted into Bhuabneswar Sports Hostel, located inside Kalinga stadium with the State Sports Department taking responsibility of his accommodation, study and training.

Budhia was brought from the slum by the officials of the Sports Department and was taken to the Sports Hostel . There he was officially admitted into the hostel, since Government had condoned his lower age limit and educational qualification for admission into the Sports Hostel.  

As against  minimum age limit for admission was 12 years and minimum qualification was up to  Class VII, Budhia was only 5 years old and was a student of  lower kg  in BJB English Medium School in Bhuabneswar.

Budhia's mother Sukanti who had accompanied him had to sign an agreement with the Sports Department stating that she can meet Budhia once in a week with permission of the hostel authorities. Whenever Sukanti would like to take Budhia with her to home, she would have to obtain special permission from the authorities.

Government has sanctioned a scholarship of Rs 2,200.00 per month to Budhis for his accommodation, education, and training. Dilip Kumar Das, a reputed coach and physical fitness expert, owner of  coveted  Biju Ratna Award and physical trainer of  hockey star Dilip Tirkey and national record holder sprinter Anuradha Biswal,  has been appointed as Budhia's coach Parliament Member Archana Nayak, who visited the Sports Hostel presented a suitcase to Budhia to keep his belongings.

Talking to Odisha.in , Das said that Budhia will have to undergo several medical and physical tests before he would be given physical training. He pointed out that Budhia have not attended 12 years of age which is ideal for fitness training in running.

Only after all the tests it would be decided which discipline of running would be suitable for him. Steps would also be taken for admitting him in a good English Medium School to pursue his studies.

Budhia was in the eye of a strom after he had raised voice against his former foster father and coach Biranchi Das alleging physical and mental torture which had led to arrest of Das on 13th August, 2007 .

There were speculations about Budhia's uncertain future after getting separated from Biranchi Das and leaving in city's largest slum Salia Sahi with his mother Sukanti and two sisters until the Sports Department officials picked him up on Friday.

When Odisha.in contacted Biranchi Das and wanted to know his reactions, Das said that he was extremely happy that the State Government has taken his

responsibility and hoped that Budhis would try to translate his dream into reality by participating in the Olympic.

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