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Will Mumbai Police give justice to Avinash’s family ?

Bhubaneswar,Dec.22( Odisha.in )Though Mumbai based model from Kolkota , Moon Das and hermale friend Ramesh Sharma are in the eye of the storm relating to three deaths inside Moon’s 9th floor apartment in Mubai on December 22 night, sofar none of them have come out open aboutthe exact incident, their real relationship with Avinash and the alleged financial deals.

While Bhupen Patnaik, father of Avinash has categorically alleged that his son was murderedfor money and has held Moon squarely responsible for the tragedy, Moon has pointblankdenied of any financial transaction between her and Avinash as well as Ramesh Sharma.

Odisha.in is in possession of a telephonic conversation between Moon Das and A.B. Harichandan,a Bhubaneswar based close friend of Avinash which took place only three days after thethree deaths in Mumbai.

During the conversation, while Moon was aparantly concerned aboutdeaths of her mother and uncle, who according to her were shotdead by Avinash from his pistol lodaed with three bullets, she expressed no concern about death of her young lover Avinash, whom she had married before Goddess Bana Durga near Khurda in presence of astrologer Bipin Behari Samantaray and Avinsh’s friend Nalini Kanta ( odisha.in had published the photographs of the marriage in which Moon was in her wdding saree with a wedding ring in the left hand’s ring finger ), Moon did not express a word of grief during the 21 minute long conversation.

Instead of admitting about the financial transactions between Avinash and herself which has reflected in the ICICI bank account , which included an amount of Rs 5 lakh on 14th this year, i.e. on the Valentine Day, Moon alleged that Avinash was very calculativein spending money. He was always prefering not to go to any costly hotel and was always asking her for money.

Odisha.in has already published photogrphs of Moon and Avinash enjoying in star hotels at Bhubaneswar, Puri, Mumbai  and elsewhere.

During conversation with Harichandan she had repeatedly making allegations against Avinash, saying that he was taking lots of drinks, drugs etc. and was physically assulting her.

It was surprising that Moon, who was reportedly terribly upset when she found Avinash talking with a girl over his mobile while staying in Swosti Plaza hotel in Bhubaneswar, and had torn up her left fore arms , which are still visible, did not utter a single word mourning death of Avinash, while talking with Harichandan, whom she knew as one of the closest friend of Avinash.

Though a month has passed since the three deaths in her apartment under very mysterious circumstances, sofar Oshiwara police of Mumbai have not disclosed the postmerterm reports of all the three victims and also the ballistic reports.

According to sources in Mumbai, Moon has also not been medically examined to ascertain her marital status as claimed by Avinsh’s friends.

Talking to Odisha.in astrologer Bipin Behari Samantaray claimed that there was no sign of Avinash’s committing suicide in the lines of his palm .

Rather there were signs of his falling victim to deep rooted conspiracy and loose his life. That has precisely happenned. He ascertained that the Mumbai police can easily unearth the truth if if would probe into the mystery behind all the three deaths that took place on 22nd November night.

Those who were circulating the double murder and suicide theory have sofar not been able to locate the source frim which Avinash had procured the pistol and what compelled him to carry only three bullets while he was not aware about the situation he would have to face in Mumbai.

The investigating agency have also not probed into Moon’s connections in Mumbai, Bhuabneswar, Rourkela as well as abroad and antecidents of the event managers who were organising events for her.

Interestingly eneough while Bhupen Patnaik has held Moon responsible for allegedly exploiting Avinash financially, Avinash’s friends have pointed out fingers at Ramesh Sharma. Despite allegations against him in the media, sofar Sharma has preferred to remain silent for reasons best known to him.

After despatcing the F.I.R. to Oshiwara police station in Mumbai by Speed Post, Bhupen Patnaik has told media that he is confident of getting justice from the police as he has faith on the police and the God. But will Mumbai police act sincerely to bring the truth behind the tripple deaths to light and give justice to Bhupen Patnaik’s family members ? Only time will speak.