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Moon’s craze for VCD album forced Avinash to pay huge amount (EXCLUSIVE)

Bhuabneswar,Dec.14( Odisha.in)Mumbai based model from Kolkata, Moon Das, was crazy  for acting in  re-mix video  C.D. for which she was insisting Avinash to give money to Ramesh Sharma for producing such V.C.D.s.

In order to impress Avinash about her expertise in acting in re-mix V.C.D. album, she had personally presented an album of re-mix V.C.D. in which she had acted in one song sequence from ” Baby Love ” a remix based on ” Ek Paradeshi Mera Dil Legays ” produced/marketed by T-Series.

Odisha.in is in possession of the V.C.D. which Avinash had given to one of his closest friend only a few days before his death under mysterious circumstances in Mumabi on November 22 night inside Moon’s apartment.

Odisha.in is also in possession of a number of EXCLUSIVE photographs of Moon and Avinash in intimate postures at Restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, sea shore and shore of Chilika Lake where they had spent their time together.

Though Moon’s father Mani Mohan Das denied before the media that he does not know who Avinash was and he was not aware about any relationship between Moon and Avinash.

Odisha.in is in possession of photographs of Moon and Avinash with Moon and her parents on Puri sea beach, which testifies that Moon’s father who happens to be a small businessman in Calcutta was trying to hide something.

According to A.B. Harichandan, a close friend of Avinash, at the instance of Moon, Avinash had paid Rs 40 lakhs to one Ramesh Sharma.

Sharma was introduced to Avinash by her as a big businessman and film producer and in the production of V.C.D. Albums.

He said that while Avinash was casual about marriage, Moon was insisting for the marriage. Narrating an incident Harichandan said, while Moon and Avinash were staying together at Hotel Swosti Plaza in Bhubaneswar, there was a call from a girl in Avinash’s mobile.

Moon was terribly upset and cut her left fore arms. The cut marks are still prominent in Moon’s left hand, which can be verified, he ascertained.

Both of them had gone to one astrologer to seek his advice about their conjugal life. Since the astrologer had told them that they are passing through very bad period and can over come such bad period if they would get married before a goddess near Khurda and seek her blessings.

Harichandan told Odisha.in , that Avinash had invited him to accompany Moon, and himself to the the seat of a Goddess for marriage. But he could not accompany them as he was very much tired after returning form tour late in the previous night. However returning after performing marriage rituals, they had stayed together at Harichandan’s house for two days.

When Odisha.in contacted Bipin Kumar Routray, an astrologer who operates from his office located at Plot No. 43-F, Ashok Nagar in Bhubaneswar, Routray said that Avinash and Moon had come to him about six moths ago along with another friend Nalini Kanta Baral.

First Avinash showed his palms and wanted to know about his future. According to Routray , he had told him that he possess a good heart which is clear from his long and deep heart line and is likely to be influenced by friends of opposite sex, who might betray him.

Therefore he had suggested him to concentrate in business and not to get involved with any’ lady , at least for six months as he is passing through bad time for six months.

When Samantaray read Moon’s hand at the request of Avinash, he noticed some remarkable signs. He claims to have told Moon in presence of Avinash and his friend that Moon is of selfish nature and can go to any extent to achieve her personal goals.

Those were indicated from her frail and broken heart line and deep head line. To achieve her personal goals to rise high in her profession, she can go to any extent.

As Avinash disclosed before the Astrologer, that both of them are going to marry soon, Samantaray dissuaded him from Marriage with Moon, saying that the lady may become cause of his death.

Samantaray claimed that Avinash told him that he is deeply involved and can not go back. At this point Samanatary had suggested them to perform the marriage before Goddess Bana Durga, popularly know as Baghei in Kanjiagarh near Khurda.

“Blessings from the Goddess can help them to face no evil. But they should perform Yanjya before the Goddess within three months for their well being.

Subsequently they should also get their marriage registered and finally perform the marriage as per Hindu religion when parents of both sides would accept the marriage after six months.

Though they had assured to come and perform the rituals, they could not come. However, according to his advise they had got married before the particular Goddess located at a distance of 43 kilometers from Bhubaneswar in presence of Nalini Kanta.

One Nini Bhaina of Mahatpalli village and his associate Kabu Bhaina had performed the rituals. Samantaray himself was also present.

Samantaray told Odisha.in that he has no doubt that Avinash was killed for money. If he could have performed the required rituals in time before goddess Bana Durga in time, then she could have saved Avinash.