Need of endless monitoring in Orissa (LETTER)


I applaud to each positive initiative Orissa government takes but there is an acute necessity of in-depth monitoring of system from grassroots to topmost level along with its peripherals. Be it Industrial Development or Government scheme by the government, success comes from evaluation at each step.

In spite of several developmental works in the state, Orissa is unable to make a presence in national scene in any sphere like any other southern or western state. This is in reference to agonizing side story of big investment or industrial boom in Orissa but a bitter truth.

Chief Minister had encouraged investments & industrial development in the state by inviting mega steel corporate houses like Ludhiana based Aarti Steel Limited, Kolkata based Maheshwary Ispat Limited etc to the state.

These companies have constantly complained about callous, indifferent and short sighted attitude of people of Orissa during setting up of plant.  There are various instances to cite where local contractor are harassed by such big corporate houses.

It’s a widespread practice of non payment to local contractor by big companies even after compiling the joint measurement certificate procedure at every step and stage of project.

Have they ever accepted their major mistakes of non clearance of dues/compensation of very people who make their mega projects success by their sweat & blood?

Such big companies either use new contractor during completion phase of project by unnecessarily accusing the old construction agency on quality of work & delay in completion of project. They also hold up huge sum of payment towards the end of the project.

Mismanagement of officials in company as well as untimely & inadequate payment leads to delay of whole project which these big steel companies do not accept it.

It is pertinent to query if these local contractors are so bad, then why are they being given such large contracts from other major steel houses, how are they being successful in completing projects in time for others?

History states that kings used to get disguised as common man to examine the effectiveness of their ruling system. As such, has there been any surprise check/inspection to the concerned government departments and its activities along with industrial development?

Surprise visit/inspection by CMO office, will it not reduce corruption drastically?

The authorities in concerned departments as well as your good office may be in good books of steel magnates, otherwise protests, letters have been written to concerned government department but no one lends a ears to the same.

For reality check, does our Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik have dynamic monitoring / review system for industrial development?  Whom shall these local contractor look up to for release of such heavy payments?

These heavy dues have already broken the spinal cord of contractors where they do not want to spend more time and money to fight legal battle against big daddies and feel hassled. Is it not the duty of Chief Minister to be conscious of such issues, strike a balance between two and settle it?

Should it not these companies be asked at a point to submit the clearance certificates of their local liabilities to concerned departments before commissioning of project?

Is it not right that the Chief Minister act as saviour and save the daily bread & butter of such innocent local based agency from the big investor of the state who pay taxes and generate revenue for the state?.

People of the state cannot be wrong, always. When the voices remain unheard for longer period, people resort to crime or related activities such as bribing, kidnapping, demolition, riots, extortion etc to make the system aware of their cry, tears & pains.

I would give an opinion to the Chief Minister to severely monitor such issues and be guardian of local entrepreneur along with the party political issues.

Upagupta Mohanty