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WPF to organize conferences in states, Prof Arun Mohanty (interview)

New Delhi, October 24 (Odisha.in) The 5th Jubilee Annual Session of the World Public Forum – “Dialogue of Civilizations” held on the Island of Rhodes, Greece from the 10th to the 14th of October 2007. Some 500 scholars, experts, public and religious dignitaries and musicians from more than 60 countries participated in its work.

The World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (WPF-DC) is observing its fifth anniversary this year.

During these years it has become an influential public force in shaping a democratic civil society based on a humanitarian dialogue of civilizations.

Prof Arun Mohanty a native of Orissa who has been instrumental in shaping the World Public Forum movement in India spoke to Odisha.in in an exclusive interview after his return from the Rhodes Island, Greece.

Odisha.in:  who are supporting your cause?

Mohanty: As an international public movement, the WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” has attracted the attention of many outstanding dignitaries in the contemporary world.

Julio Andreotti – ex-prime minister of Italy, Muhammad Hatami – ex-president of Iran, Abdalla II – the King of Jordan, Mahmoud Abbas – Chairman of the Palestinian Autonomy, Shimon Peres – the President of Israel, Sonia Gandhi – Chairwoman of the Indian National Congress, Kontiro Matsuura – General Secretary of UNESCO are participating in various programs and activities of the Forum and have declared their support of the Forum as a world public institution.

Odisha.in -What are the topis deliberated on this forum?

Mohanty: “Traditions and innovations in building civilization space,” “Education in the quest for development strategies,”  “Regionalization and transformation of the world economic system, and “Religion and the dialogue of civilizations.

“Culture, civilization, inter-cultural dialogue,” “Dialogue of civilizations: from the idea to reality (fifth anniversary WPF-DC),” “Dialogue of civilizations and law,”

“The Middle East in inter-civilization relations,” “Chinese civilization in the context of a global dialogue,” “Natural science aspects of global threats to life on Earth,” “Music as a universal language of conducting a dialogue,” “Through dialogue communications to a global civic society,” “Prospects of modernization in the Balkans.”

Odisha.in:  What are your India specific plans?

Mohanty: We are going to organise the Asian conference of the forum in coming April in New Delhi. With that in different states also we are going to organise program to spread the movement with emphasis on the cultural diversity of the different countries for a multi-polar world.